Monday, January 28, 2008


Now is the time for 3rd graders to learn about plants, leaves and leaf structures and the process by which plants turn light energy into chemical energy. I just like saying photo-SYN-the-sis, emphasis on the SYN. I've been saying it that way since I was in 3rd grade probably.

Anyway, Nicholas came home with his science project today. He's been taking care of this plant for almost 2 weeks now, and was happy to report that his plant had grown to be the biggest in his class. According to Nick, even the plant that came in second didn't really count because it fell over and broke in half, thus disqualification. I guess the competition in 3rd grade is fierce. To me, it seems a miracle this plant has even survived, because when he got into the car, I asked him how often he waters it and he said 'I don't know'. Then I asked him if it needs to be in the shade or in sunlight and again he answered 'I don't know'. The test on this science is Thursday, we'll probably have to study a bit more for this one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weekly Update

So, not much going on this week except a couple interviews. Being grilled by CEO's, COO's and CTO's is not fun for anyone. During the last of my 3 interviews I think I was starting to lose it a bit; it was getting warm in the room and they didn't offer any water..... well suffice it to say I may have started to babble about my accomplishments. I mean, no one even mentioned water. Anyway, I thought you were supposed to freeze out a suspect during interrogation, not sweat them? Oh, maybe you are, I just thought that through.

Anyway, to counteract my interview grilling, I've been watching the entire season of Gilmore Girls, a Christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law. My absolute favorite show. Laurelei's quick wit is somehow appealing to me. Even Mallory loves the show. Poor Nick, that's all I'll say on that. It's only one week of his life, he'll get over it and I don't think I'm causing any permanent damage.

To include Nicholas in this post, here's a photo of him hanging off of a basketball hoop. He's laughing a bit like a crazy person here, and with no front teeth, he looks even crazier. It's always Craig's idea to hang little Nick off of something? I don't understand it, must be a guy thing. We got a hoop for Christmas and he's ready to play! As soon as we figure out our assembly woe (pieces of fiberglass break off when you hit the backboard) we'll be in business. It's very fun to shoot the ball. I can see many important decisions and conversations occurring over a game of H-O-R-S-E perhaps.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Job Update..

Holy Interviews! After sending out at least 20 resumes before and after the new year, I was starting to get a bit down that I hadn't been called for any interviews! God must have heard my prayers because I have one on Friday and one on Wednesday of next week! They are both for wonderful Program Management jobs, that I would be very excited to have.
Not exactly the career change I was hoping for, but if I can get in somewhere, maybe I can gradually change over to an event planner. I've joined two new community and professional organizations and volunteered to be on their event committees, so maybe I can get the valuable credibility I need through those? We'll see how that goes, but wish me some good luck on my interviews! It will be nice to wear some heels again!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harvard Girl

Some of you may know that Mallory has aspirations of going to Harvard. My little girl! How proud we all would be if she gets into such a prestigious school. Of course, we are proud of her no matter what school she will attend, but Harvard?! Her back-up is Yale, equally impressive.
I really don't know where this has come from, since birth, both her & Nicholas have been Penn State babies. And since the age of 4 she's wanted to be a doctor. The specialty has changed slightly from year to year, but always a doctor. No dreams of being a fairy princess, ballerina or ice skater for her. At this point in time its a pediatrician or a general practice physician.

Its also a good thing that Harvard has recently announced some changes in tuition policies. Kids with a family income of $60k or less go for free!! while that probably won't be us, they've also announced a tuition cap of no more than 10% of income for families in the next income bracket.

Buddy Bullfrog

As promised, here is a photo of the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen. This is Buddy, he came to stay with us over the break. After checking with 9 pet stores in the area to see when their next delivery of 'superworms' would be, I finally found them the day after his arrival. (Never thought I'd be making those calls? - Its really amazing the things the kids will have me doing sometimes?)

It doesn't seem Buddy was very comfortable with us or his new surroundings, he didn't eat anything for the almost 14 days he was with us. He really had me worried. We even called the teacher a couple times who told us not to worry. Of course, I worried. We cannot be the ones who kill any of the class pets!

Mallory says Buddy eats 5 r 6 worms every other day again, so he's back on schedule. He seems to have developed a personality of late too. He was playing dead in the classroom today. Not funny, I think.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We resolve...

I try not to make any resolutions, as I usually break them within the first month or so. And this year I find myself with a lot of 'tasks', not really resolutions, ie. get a job! plan the wedding? Not including those, these are the things that will guide us through the year.
  • Stop swallowing my gum. You might think this would be a Mal or Nick thing, but its one for me. Its getting really bad (up to 3 pcs a day!) and I don't even know why I do it? My mouth starts to water and down it goes. The kids like to remind me that it will stay there for 44 years if I continue. What to say? Children are very good at 'policing' their parents in the hopes of catching them doing the very things we've previously told them not to do.
  • Keep rooms clean and organize the house. This one is Nick's. He is a very good little organizer, but he is only 8. Stuff gets put away, but maybe not in the place you'd usually expect to find it necessarily or he will throw it away. He has promised Mallory and I that he will not 'file' anything away of ours without telling us.
  • Not surprisingly, Mallory couldn't think of anything, but I came up with 2 for her.
  1. Community service. There is a school for homeless kids that has a clothing room Mallory might work at. My hope is to let her see kids that don't have it as good as she thinks she doesn't.
  2. No more pet sitting from school, I'm afraid. More on the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen in the next post maybe.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sights in Sedona

Over the Christmas break, we decided to drive 2hrs North to Flagstaff to see some snow. The day before we were scheduled to leave I called the hotel and there was no snow to report, just lots of dirty slush and icy roads. So, instead of going to Flagstaff, we decided to spend the day in Sedona to attend the RedRock Festival of Lights held at Los Abrigados Resort. Even though they didn't have any snow left either, we found the cold weather we were looking for - it was 21deg!

After driving into the area just in time to see the sun set perfectly over the redrocks, and do some window shopping in town, we went to the festival for some holiday fun. Someone coordinating the event was kind enough to offer warm apple cider. We had several cups of it as we walked from one light exhibit entry to another. And all proceeds from the festival went to charities close to home. That's the best part.

Favorite Gift.

We had a very blessed Christmas; spending time with friends over the holidays and reminding ourselves what a wonderful, scenic state we live in with a trip to Sedona to see the RedRocks. I'll post all of those photos in a little while.
Today, I wanted to write about my most favorite and unusually motivational gift, this pink leather business card case from Kate Spade. Obviously, I asked for this gift before I was laid off from my job, seeing it stung for a minute. But now it's my favorite gift. It's given me the motivation to go and get the job that's going to have me needing this essential piece of perfect pink leather. Doesn't this case look exactly like something a very capable Event Planner would carry in her stylish bag?

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