Thursday, August 30, 2007

Record Highs & 2 Fish Die!

So, as some of you may realize, Phoenix is still really hot!! - Even for this time of year. We are hearing things on the news like, Heat Advisory almost every day. Because of this, we really can't go outside for very long (and we can't ride our bikes home from school either- what a shame!). But its getting boring inside the house. There's nothing to do.

Also, last night, we went to the store to use some gift cards I got for my birthday this month. I bought two goldfish and a castle and a bridge to put in their bowl. We got them home and I tried to put them in the bowl and they died in about 2 seconds. Mom came in and tried to save them but it was too late. This is not the first time we bought fish from this store and they died. So, we put the dead fish back in the bag and returned them to the store where mom got my money put back onto a gift card for me. We left the dead fish on the counter inside the store and as we were leaving Nick turned around to say good bye and waved.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cool Photo

Last night we were looking at the photos from our summer vacation in San Diego with Uncle Robert and Aunt Steph. We saw this photo again of Nick in front of the sleeping hippo and just think its pretty cool. Wanted to share...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

6th grade classroom chaos!

Today was so chaotic!!! My teacher has 5 PETS in her classroom. She has a green 15 year old iguana, a turtle, a bullfrog, a tarantula, and a really fat bearded dragon. We were taking their food dishes out so we could feed them so their lids were off. The iguana was so hungry that he climbed out of a 15 inch glass case 2 times. Then the bullfrog jumped out of his huge tank. We thought he was hungry so we fed him and then he jumped out of his cage again and he started hopping all around the room!!! We got him and put him back and the rest of the day was normal. ~ Mallory

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Poor Brittany!

Our dog is cute, but she's getting to be a bummer. She is supposed to be behind the gate in the kitchen during the day, but every day we get home we find her sleeping on the floor right under the ceiling fan. And usually she has one of our socks in her mouth. She's so old that if she doesn't stay behind the gate there's a good chance she'll just pee on the carpet. Nobody wants that!

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of Blogging..

Since mom won't let us have a page, we've started this blog to let our friends and family know what's going down.

Last week we celebrated my 11th birthday! We had a sleep-over/spa party at our new house with 4 friends (and poor Nicholas who wasn't able to escape!). We did nails, facials, a pinata and made smores over the gas grill. It was pretty cool, we stayed up until 4:30am when mom came downstairs and turned off the lights. She didn't say a word to us, but we got the point! I got some cool stuff too, so thanks to Katy, Kacie, Kirsten and Kiana :o)