Friday, March 27, 2009

I'll just have water?

When Nick was 6yrs I think, we went to the Dr. for his wellness check-up. He distinctly remembers the Dr. telling him, 'abosultely no soda' when I asked a related question about his diet. He has never forgotten this and likes to remind me of it when I open a can, causing me to cringe with guilt. I always tell them - its too late for me, but save yourselves!! Nick is tempted by a Sprite every now and then and Mallory would always rather have milk.

I probably don't need my son's pediatriction to tell me that soda is bad for you, some juices are full of sugar and to drink more water. I get it. I fully realize the power of water and I'm no stranger to it's magic. When I was pregnant with Mallory and not feeling well, water was always the fix. But soda is fun and fizzy, bubbly goodness: I'm addicted. On a stressful day, it's all I drink. I start at 8am and I crack them open as late as 11pm if I have to pull an all-nighter for work. On the weekends, and when I'm too busy to have major qtys of it, I find myself having serious headaches. Headaches of withdraw, you might say. I have heard this happens with coffee drinkers too, but I wonder if its this severe? Sometimes my dull painful headache will last for 3 days!

So, here I am, 6hrs into my no soda rule and on my 6th glass of water. I have a slight headache, but I'm hoping it will wear off. Wish me luck on my soda free journey.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Craig!

Happy Birthday to Craig, who turns 31 today!!!

I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day today! We're excited to help you celebrate at Z-Tejas tonight.

(You love JoePa)

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

More house photos...

Master bedroom, ... very pink and floral!

Combination formal living and dining room.

Casual family room.

Kitchen/ Island. Wish I had a better shot of this.

It's been an interesting week in home buying land. Lots of moving money around so that it's exactly where the bank wants to see it? And it doesn't help that the rules change overnight, literally. So anyway... we think the worst is behind us - there's really nothing else that can change so it looks like we're back on as home buyers at least from where we sit today. We think it will be a long 5 weeks until official closing!

We picked up some paint samples today, meaning that we're actually allowing ourselves to plan for this going well. For the most part we agree on the colors, but beyond that the thought of actually decorating an entire home is quite daunting. I will have to draw on other, wiser home owners for inspiration. Or do what I always do and buy lots of appropriate magazines!

Just added some more photos from the inside of the house, keep in mind that a very sweet, single older woman lives there now and look beyond it! :o) I have big plans for the kitchen, as I believe that's truly the heart of everyone's home. At every gathering I attend 'the girls' spend lots of time near the kitchen chatting and drinking wine. And even now, the kids gather in our kitchen to tell me about their day. So, big plans!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Post

I will only type a quick blurb about what we've been doing, at the risk of totally jinxing it.... But, it seems as though we may have purchased a house this week. It started last weekend when we went to look at a house with an amazing pool area in the backyard, only to be disappointed by the actual house. We were perfectly willing to just live outside by the pool and outdoor kitchen areas, but our realtor reminded us that sometimes coyotes come down off the mountain and eat things they shouldn't. So, she took us by another property she was doing an open house for later that afternoon and it was really nice. It has all of the things we were looking for, including a pool. Our offer has been accepted and we have the home inspection scheduled for the weekend.

We're a bit far from completing the process on this, but it looks promising and this could be the easiest sale our realtor has ever made! So, more to come - and keep your fingers crossed!

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