Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blah on Blog

For those who read our blog, I must apologize for not updating. Our family (well, just me - the kids were in San Diego with their dad) has been a little 'tilted' the past two weeks.

My company has decided to "close or divest" our division. They've basically given up on our technology and they're cutting us loose. We found this out last week. Being with the company for almost 10 years, I've got a great severance package and can't complain, but its the end of an era for me and is a bit stressful. I know I'll be completely fine, but as a first time manager of actual staff, telling your team the news is not ideal and I can't help but be concerned for them. They have not been with the company as long as I and their packages are not so good, so I worry - especially knowing each of their personal circumstances so well. We're a tight team.

We've got some cool things coming up though; Halloween, pictures the kids took while on vacation and things like that. So keep checking back!

Victoria, Mallory & Nicholas

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sandy, The Bearded Dragon

So this week, the kids are on fall break. I know the teachers work hard and deserve time to get plans ready, but it sure seems like they are really good at finding random days off?! This is followed by a week long early dismissal for getting grades together for the qtr. Sheesh?

Anywho, this means that the 5 pets in Mallory's classroom need to find homes. Of course, Mallory, the new self-professed lover of all creatures creepy and small, (why not furry and fluffy?), volunteered to babysit the bearded dragon. Her name is Sandy, and Mallory says she's cute. Huh? Our fuzzy cocker spaniel is cute, I would not put this semi-fat, lizard creature in the 'cute' category. She really digs Mal. She closes her eyes when Mal reaches in to pet her lizard-y head. Interesting.

Since I will not touch the dragon, Mallory holds it while I change out its dirty newspaper. I figured this would end up being my task? But if I have to pick between touching her and changing the paper, I will change the paper. Even Nick won't go near her. We've only had her a day though, maybe he'll warm up to her. And, it is better than the baby snakes they have in the classroom. I wonder what lucky family gets to babysit them? =)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Go Diamondbacks!

The last thing we want to do is jinx our team, but we are ahead in the series with the Chicago Cubs 2 games to none (!!) This has made for an interesting dynamic when we watch the games. Craig is bummed out on the couch pouting, then decides he can't watch anymore of it - but then there's the rest of us who are rooting for the Dbacks and want to continue watching! What about us?

Nick is crazy excited and when the games run past 9:30pm on a schoolnight, I hate being the bad guy who has to drag him to bed.

So, we wish our team well in Wrigley. Hopefully it wasn't just an Arizona thing, we're on fire!!