Sunday, February 7, 2010

Early Valentine's Day

We took advantage of this weekend to head up to Sedona to celebrate Valentine's day early (my favorite holiday!!) and get some relaxation after a stressful couple of weeks. We had an amazing time, there's no way you can't be in Sedona and be happy. It's entirely too beautiful to feel stressed. We got there Sat afternoon in enough time to get settled in and head over to the spa for a couple's massage. Heaven. I think from now on the key is to get a lady to do it. She used just the right amount of pressure on my sensative shoulders and didn't try to be the hero who worked out all the knots that took years to build. It was wonderful. From there we went back to our cottage - yep cottage! - the folks at the resort were nice enough to upgrade us out of a lodge room, which would have been really nice anyway, and into our own cottage, which was super nice and unexpected! Our room was wonderful, awesome bed, living area, flat-screen, jet tub, outdoor shower, heated floor in the bathroom and the list goes on.... Even though the photo on the right is a stock photo, it is of our room - it was exacly like this only now there a big rug under the bed and chairs.

Because it was pouring rain by this time, we had dinner inside the dining room at the famous L'auberge restaurant, where previously we had dinner creekside. The creek was raging with water from the snow melting in Flagstaff and we saw some white caps from our table by the windows. Our dinner was fabulous, as always and I think the creative caesar done as a wedge salad and the amazing lobster bisque was the best part even before the entrees came.

Sunday came too fast and before we knew it it was time to check out. It was very cloudy but nothing too weird when we were walking around the shops, then as we sat down at our favorite scenic bar, Canyon Breeze, the clouds came in across the red rocks and it started to hail, then snow. After some soup and drinks, we hopped in the car and headed back to Phoenix where it was 65deg and sunny. It's so amazing that in an hour and a half you can go from snow and hail to perfectly nice weather. The best of both worlds. I'm sorry I forgot my camera, I could have gotten some amazing photos of the red rocks with the cloudy cover that brought the snow. (These photos were taken from Craig's camera phone)

What a fabulous husband I have to plan this outing as a surprise the weekend of the Superbowl. I know that if he cared one bit about either team, we'd be at home or somewhere watching the game and a Valentine's celebration would escape us. Much needed R&R this weekend, thanks to Craig for booking it and still wanting to go even with the cold I gave him from last week! Love...

Here's a link to the few photos we took with the blackberry camera..Sedona.