Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Stuff

A post just to update on some things we've been up to since our last post around valentine's day. We've been doing some little things around the house, found the inspiration for some other improvements, and we've been making plans for some cool things to come.

My closet is a never ending project, I only get to work on it when nothing else is going on, so it's slow goings. The latest addition is the chandelier Craig bought me. I have a chandelier in my closet? - someone has to. The walls are gray, the floors are the same tile installation we did in the main bathroom and there are some furry faux sheep rugs on the carpet. Finally all of my hangers are the same color wood too! It's coming along. Instead of the long poles I'm thinking about some shoe racks and drawer system, but that will probably take another year.

The second little transformation was our powder room in the main area of the house. When we moved in it was painted a faux finish; made to look Tuscan or Spanish, not sure which. Craig loved it, I didn't. I'm not a faux finish gal. And of course it had one of the big wrought iron light fixtures that were throughout the house. So, over a weekend, I totally changed it around. We installed new silver towel racks, where previously they were gold, installed a new light fixture (found at a consignment store for $20) and took off the no edge round mirror, in favor of a dark wood framed mirror with a ledge shelf. I don't think I took a before picture, but here's a 'during' and an 'after'. Still not sure about the pedastal sink, we'd like to update that and include an open console with some storage underneath. The room isn't huge, but we could pull something off maybe?

Our next group of projects will be the back yard, since the nice weather is here and maybe we'll get some visitors. The outside is looking a bit tired and we'll need to spruce it up. We've had a patch of grass that refuses to grow since we've moved in. It might be time to stop spending money trying to bring it back and just put the putting green that Craig wants back there. He'll love it, Nick will love it and most of our friends golf and could putt around there when not in the pool anyway. Could be useful and will always be green and nice looking. We're going to have some major trimming back on some trees that come over into our yard from the neighbors. I think they are blocking sun and are crowding the trees that we do have. So some tired rocks and scrubs will go in favor of plants that are more lush. I would love, love to have all of the deck area back there resurfaced too - that will be a big job. I'd better start saving some cash! (Right after I get back from my trip to New York City!)