Monday, July 27, 2009

For our Golfer Followers....who'd like to visit!

I apologize I haven't been posting as much lately; been busy with tiling, painting, work, etc....need to get more pics up. But, I do have a quick post for all our golfer followers out there. I played the course we live on (across the street) this past Saturday and I'm extremely glad to report it's a great track (83--driver and short game good, irons awful. FYI: R9 460 TP is $$$). I went in cautiously optimistic but thinking there was a 50/50 chance I'd not be a fan. Well, I can now say I'm really impressed. I'm over the super desert-like courses and this is not one of those. Plenty of grass so you don't feel like every shot is going to go in the desert, even if you miss hit it. I'm sure the Colorado River isn't a fan but I am. Lot of different terrain and two par 3s where you literally tee off on top of mountains overlooking the foothills.

I hope those of you that follow our blog that are golfers will get to experience the course soon. The guest room is furnished and ready to roll so come out and visit. Sure it's hot but the pool is only a minute drive away...

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Benny Update

Well, I give up. I didn't get a call back, no emails, and no response to the application I sent in. So... no Benny. Sad :o(

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Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is Benny, he's a cocker spaniel & papillon mix. He's featured on a website called and he's looking for a home. The more I scanned through the dogs last Thursday, when I was the only one in the office practically, the more he grew on me. I looked at cockers, same as Brittany was and decided that would be too weird, I looked at Bernese Mountain dogs, we looked at Golden retrievers, but I kept coming back to Benny. When you first look at him he has a forgettable quality about him, but the more you look at him, he's really pretty. His fur looks 'cocker' soft and he definately has the cocker snout, without being a cocker. Anyway, he grew on Craig over time too, me sending messages to his blackberry with Benny's pictures that said Hi, probably helped! Here's the thing.

I've called the shelter twice and even sent an email to get an adoption application. No word. Are several people lining up to adopt each dog they have? I can't belive this to be the case since their website is seriously begging for foster families. So, why don't they call us back? If we had a shelter organization with bunch of contacts from a family that wanted to adopt one of our dogs, I would definately be calling back. What if Benny is in the kennel somewhere chillin' alone when he could be with us? ugh.. poor Benny. Or maybe he was already adopted since he's so cool. Who knows I guess. Keep your fingers crossed that it was just the holiday weekend slowing things down, and we get the call to come and pick up the Ben-ster. Doesn't he look like he just wants to give you a high 5?

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