Sunday, June 28, 2009

DLove's Wedding

Last week Craig was able to take off on Thursday to help DLove start celebrating his wedding weekend. He had a great time, able to play Torrey Pines with the boys. Being that we had the children that weekend at home, I was able to get a sitter for Saturday and flew in around noon. When I got there it was raining and June gloom, but it was so good to be there at the beach and smelling the ocean air!
I know our friends are tired of hearing about it, but I must blog about it anyway. Being that we booked our room on, we thought we were in for another view of the hotel parking lot somewhere, so imagine our huge surprise when they told us we would be in the presidential Suite. This place was an amazing 3 room suite - bedroom, seperate dining room with a table for 10?! and a seperate living room - all with double door access to our own private beach? I seriously thought it was a mistake! This suite would later come in handy as we invited anyone who wanted to keep the party going over for drinks. Even the bride and groom came to our after party, how cool is that?!

Derek and Julie's wedding was amazing and just before the ceremony started, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with quite a lot of emotion. Julies face when she saw Derek waiting for her is something I'll always remember. I'm a crier at wedding's anyway, but this just caused me to lose it entirely. What a moment? After cocktail hour, Derek and Julie surprised their guests with a choreographed dance to Fly me To the Moon that was amazing! They are very smooth. Such a lovely wedding, thanks so much to the May-Laake families for hosting such a fabulous night! They are on a 2-week honeymoon that includes 1wk at a very nice hotel/resort on an island, and then switching to another island and another lovely hotel for the second week. Nice.

On Sunday, after reluctantly checking out of our awesome suite, we tried to go see a couple of things we always like to see in la Jolla and just spend some time. But instead, I got horrible sick and we ended up missing our flight. Oops. They were seriously overbooked and just gave our seats away, for us to fly standby for the rest of the night. Craig put me on the flight right after ours, so I could get home for the kids and he came home finally around 11pm.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks Babe!

It's time for me to say thanks to my beautiful wife Victoria. First, she puts up with me daily which is not an easy task as most of you know. Second, she literally has taken our new house from a Grandma palace to a really cool, great house. Finally, we recently had our 1 year anniversary and I can't say enough about how great things are going. Vic, you supported me throughout law school, in taking the Bar and now as a great wife with a beautiful family. Thanks for a great first year of marriage and many more to come. Life is good. We are lucky.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Is anyone still reading this Blog?

We haven't really been on top of the posts lately. Its not even that we don't have spare time, its just that when we do, we veg out. Literally. I love reading everyone elses posts...

The last few weeks have been just us settling in at home. We've been really happy with some of the things we're getting accomplished. The painting of the common rooms came out really well. Its pretty amazing how talented these guys were. They managed to paint 3 big rooms and a hallway (with ceilings) in 2 days time, while we managed to barely paint, 2 small-ish bedrooms, a halfway finished master bedroom and bathroom in 4 weekends. Huh? Since I am 'the closer' (the girl who does the trim and finishes the connection from wall to ceiling) I asked what they thought of my skills. They were not overly excited to have me on their crew?

Kitchen before, nice shade of apple green - not really our taste though. Doesn't actually look too bad in this photo, maybe you had to see it in person?

Kitchen after - Warmed up a bit, we think. More exciting. Will look good after some darkening of the cabinets with new hardware, new countertops and new floors too. The stuff on every surface has been put away now.

This is the family room, which was a goldenrod, yellow baby poo shade. Can't really tell a difference in this photo. Cannot wait to plaster over those weirdly shaped, useless cubbies next to the fireplace and really make it the focal point. Not a big fan of the old fan either.

After. Kind of looks like we successfully made the room look smaller, but I think it's just the way I shot my photo. Now a nice shade of khaki on 3 walls, with an accent wall on the back. Again, stuff will be moved out of the center of the room.

Formal Living room. Also a yellow-y shade of baby poo. Not horrible, just not us.

Formal Living room after painting. Khaki shade on 3 walls, accent wall in the back.

Perhaps the 'after' photography could be a little better, but I took those shots right after the painting was mostly complete. Now, I can't get new ones uploaded, so....

Here's one more, not a before/ after yet since it's really still work in progress. The status of the master bedroom is not good right now. There are still boxes everywhere in there, which I'm slllowwwly chipping away at. Even the bed is a bit in disarray as I can't find the bedskirt or the duvet cover? It's odd. But thank goodness the TV's hanging on the wall. Never mind any of that other stuff all over the place...TV is hung. Whew. Thank you Craig.