Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Tree!... is dead.

So, it's only Christmas eve and the tree is dead. Despite our best efforts to make the tree last for awhile, I don't think its going to make it until New Years. Its becoming a fire hazard to even turn it on. There's also a cricket that's taken up residency in the tree. We call him Kenny the cricket. He chirps his little heart out and Mallory and I are on a hunt to find him and dislocate him from our tree. You shake the tree and hope he falls, but he must be hanging on with his crazy legs, cause he's not letting go. I think we'll leave the tree up until the day after Christmas, then its got to go. Sorry Kenny.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Tree!

Even though it was rainy and cold this weekend, that didn't stop us from stuffing a gigantic tree into the back of the Jetta and heading home! Every year, I try to convince the kids that a Noble fur would be nice and every year we come home with a Douglas fur. year I will try again!

Our tree looks slightly understated, as I've discovered we have very few ornaments and the tree skirt has been lost somewhere? Usually we split to PA for a couple weeks over December holiday, so its been awhile since we've had a tree. We'll have to work on that over the next few days! I dig this photo, the lights create a cool effect. Its kind of funny... I never noticed the windows looked so bare before? We'll have to work on that this week too!

The house looks great, it helps that our normal accent color is red anyway! Starting this week we've got some holiday parties and dinners, so things will pick up and we can enjoy the season! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 3, 2007

New stuff!

This year, Nicholas has asked for a dining room table from Santa. What a selfless request from an 8 year old little boy? Well, Santa doesn't have to grant his wish, because the new table comes today! woohoo! it's been on backorder basically since we moved into the new house. I cannot wait to see it, I've almost forgotten what it looks like, its been so long. This table is such a big deal for us, with 8 chairs we can have guests over comfortably. It's just in time for the holidays and it's going to be so great when our house is full of family for the wedding in May.