Sunday, September 30, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween

So, we've started looking for Halloween costumes. Because in Phoenix, if you don't get them the first weekend they're out, you're stuck being a pencil, or a giant whoopie cushion (seriously).

Nicholas is in his second year of "real heros" - firefighter, policeman, that kind of thing. It started last year. He ended his 6 year run with super heros and went as a fireman.

Mallory has decided its time for the scary, perhaps bloody costumes. Something sweet, like a cheerleader or something with blood, is how she describes it. Maybe this means she's ready to go through the entire haunted house this year! Her and her friend Marisa ran out of the house crying hysterically. Seems like yesterday she was cornering the costume market on princess outfits! (Last year's photo is posted)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally... Science Camp

Today, Nick and I shipped Mallory off to Science Camp! Woohoo... 300 6th graders heading into the woods for a few days of fun! ~ God Bless those who got selected to be chaperones! When I left them, Mallory's cabin leader was trying to figure out who flung the cooler lid across the front parking lot of the school. Good luck.

I sent her away with a camera, so we'll see what she brings back for photos. They have lots of fun things planned for the few days they are there, including skits.

Sending her off today, made me think of going to Science Camp when I was in 7th Grade. I had a blast with my best friend Jenee Rodgers. We were in the same cabin and on the same square dancing team. We were so sad to leave there that a bunch of girls actually cried -we were a little dramatic back then. Of course I'm over that now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Psycho Brittany

Brittany is completly loosing her mind. This weekend mom and craig went out to dinner on Sat. night. Even though they were only gone for 3 hours, they had to put her behind the gate in the kitchen. When they got home, she chewed through most of the phone lines, like never before. She chewed the power cord to the phone, the cord that plugs into the phone jack and mom's cell phone charge cord for her blackberry.

This is probably the 8th time we've had to replace the cheap phone cords, but this time, she's chewed some important cords that will cost more to replace. The cell phone charger is a big one.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friendly Rivalry

Recently, Craig and Nick went to see a baseball game at Chase Field. They went to see Chicago Cubs vs. AZ Diamondbacks - Craig's Cubbies and Nick's Dbacks.

Nick actually has several sports items from many different teams. He's good at cheering for whoever you want him to cheer for. When he's with his dad, he likes the Boston Red Sox and wears their hat. When he's with Papa and Aunt Steph, he likes the Phillies and wears that hat. When he's with Craig, he likes the Chicago Cubs and wears the hat and the jersey (Derek Lee of course!).
But the kid also just loves his hometown team. You can see from the photo he's pretty happy to be wearing his new AZ Diamondbacks hat on this day! Can't argue with that.

Weekend Update, No Photos

Didn't do anything much this weekend. Nick and Craig went golfing and Vic and Mal went for pedicures. That was pretty much the highlight. Didn't get any of the necessary items needed for Science Camp yet, I guess the week will be spend doing that.

This weekend we'll be at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Apache Junction, while our dad is in London, England visiting family. Grandpa is said to make the best french toast in all the land, so that is one of the perks we get by staying with them. Yum!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another dead pet?

No, its not Brittany, our cocker spaniel, Thank God!

This blog could just be the Pets Obituary column, as we mourn the untimely passing of our female hermit crab. (I'm not sure what Mallory named her?) In total, I think she survived probably 2 months. Not a great example of the hermit crab's lifecycle, which is said to be about 9 years. The male hermit crab has responded by moving into her abandoned shell. Typical.

This weekend will be pretty low key, running errands for all the stuff needed for 6th grade Science Camp and taking advantage of what we hope will be the final days of the scorching summer heat at the pool. ...and watching sports on our 65" LCoS TV (that's for you Papa).

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nick's Golf

Me & my dad like golf. I've been doing it since I was 6 years old and I think its time to start golfing on some more real courses. Also, this weekend Grandma was talking about signing me up for the Jr. PGA. I think it would be fun to be in some tournaments.

Here's a photo of me golfing. Mom likes my golf shoes.