Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween & Weekend Fun

This weekend was busy for all of us as usual. The family comes and goes from the house while I work on the many projects I still want to get done. (Right now I'm refinishing a night stand and an armoire for Mallory's room ~ Cute!)

Saturday morning, Craig took Nick to a PGA tour event at Scottsdale, Grayhawk Golf Course. The Fry's (Electronics) Open is a more subdued PGA event geared a bit more for families as opposed to the Phoenix Open that normally entails a lot of cocktailing for most, not hating, it's just that I wouldn't take Nick to that particular event. He had a great time, came home beat tired and was happy to see some players up close. He mentioned Fred Couples and Rickie Fowler, who Nick thinks looks a lot like Zac Efron.

Then Sat. night, we left an exhausted Nick with a sitter, and Mallory with a friend and her family at the AZ State Fair, and headed out to a Halloween party. Some friends of ours invited us to his bosses' all-out Halloween event. They had some serious decorations, a caterer, bartender and a DJ! Not to mention the psychic who told me I was going to have twins this year, and told Craig he would have one more child? Huh? Anyway, it was a great time ~ Thanks Shel and Mike for inviting us!

We originally went in search of "Bunnies" costumes for Halloween this year, and even though we all ended up ordering something from stores on-line, only Shelsea was brave enough to be an actual 'Bunny' and looked great. We settled on the Kitten, the Bunny and the Lion, but I couldn't find a photo of us all together? At least you can see Semi-Pro, Jackie Moon in action as well. (when Craig wears the wig, Marcel goes nuts!!)

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