Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day on the job and when I arrived, this is what I found in my office. Wall of packing peanuts! It was so great, and I was totally surprised - we only prank those we like and I guess they like me!! :o) It took a little while to clean up but it was well worth it. It was a fitting end to 2 weeks of awkwardness and such. A group of us went to lunch and I got a lovely parting gift from my boss. It was a good day, although I think I might be the only person to stay until 530 on my last day. My boss had to come get me and tell me to get outta there! So, the Hemisphere Chapter is closed for now and a new chapter opens on Monday at the new firm. Although leaving HEM was a bit bittersweet because of the great working relationships I had formed, Im anxious to hit the ground running.

Today starts 3days off and I have a lot planned. Its already 10:16 though and I havent started anything, so well see how far I get. Its interesting to see what happens here at the house each day while I am at work, and as I sit here eating my caviar, (parting gift from my boss!) I have noticed the following:
  • Marcel loves to bark at anything and everything. That one I kinda already knew. He sleeps in the entryway (something he never does when everyone is home) and barks at anything stirring outside. A leaf blew across the front door and he barked.
  • Craig and I suspect that Marcel is also slowly moving Craig out of our room one item at a time and into the spare room. If I go to bed early, Marcel comes with me and sleeps on Craigs side. If Craig comes to sit next to me on the couch, Marcel jumps up and sits down next to me first. So, it is confirmed and I will have to take out a restraining order on Marcel, as its a bit unhealthy.
  • I havent been on the family computer in awhile, and now I noticed that the screen is fading a bit and the apostrophe key doesnt work. Thats why I havent used any (apostrophes) in this post. Maybe well have to get a new one for Christmas.
  • I have found our neighbors. Since Craig and I moved in over the summer, we havent seen any of our neighbors. No one came over to meet us and no one answered their doors when we knocked. Friends told us that it was because of summer, people were in the back yards enjoying the pool and whatever, well its winter now and still no one is out on weekends or nights. But, they are here and out and about during the week days. This either means that we live in an older retirement age community or we moved into a neighborhood where everyone got rich on a .com and now they dont have to work? I dont know what to think. What do these people do for a living I wonder if they are home during the days? Its everyone, moms, dads, dogs....everyone is out. Its like Who-Ville here during the day and weve been missing out.
  • Has anyone noticed that the Target Christmas commercial is a little tense? Its a couple opening presents that seem a bit extravegant and they argue about the recession under their breath while smiling. Weird and tense.

I suppose its time for me to get started on my tasks. My cell phone has rung twice with people calling me from the office, maybe they need help? hmmm...

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