Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick one!

We will post more about the weekend (with photos), but for now ~ don't miss the Nordstrom's anniversary sale! I wish I knew if we were going to have a niece or a nephew! Isn't this little girls coat adorable!?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Blog Just Got a Facial!

Our blog just got a facial from and yours can too!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Delinquent Bloggers

Please forgive us for not blogging in over 6 days, but I am excited to say that we are in the process of a blog overhaul! A friend of mine sent me a website for a business that a friend of hers is starting up. Its the BlogSpa and Lisa, the owner, is in the process of giving us a 'Blog Facial'. I love that this mother of 3 children (all under 3 years of age) is going for it, and her work so far is great!

To see a sneaky peek, go to the following link:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick 'Bar' Update

Good times here in Barland...

Luckily Mallory is such a phenomenal student that she asked for a desk for one of her Christmas presents this past year because I'm keeping it very much alive during these summer months. We, ie, all the other losers that are still actively taking the BarBri study class, had a 'psuedo' exam the last 2 days that mimics the real event taking place in around 2 weeks in the enchanting city of Tucson. I did well enough at this point as things are starting to come together, but I've got a funny or perhaps scary revelation depending on your perspective.

Most everyone in this class just graduated from 3 years of law school, most everyone attended all of the extremely comprehensive review sessions for the past month, most everyone is probably pretty diligent in their studying, and most everyone is likely pretty bright with the exception of your current author. Nonetheless, the average score for our 6 hour multiple choice test that we all labored through today (after our fun day of 12 essays in 6 hours yesterday) is a measley 105 out of 200 questions. I managed a 115 so I'm a little ahead of the game but it's still pretty hard to believe. With the insane amount of time and effort everyone is putting into this, getting 85 wrong and beating the average by 10 is crazy.

Changing topics, not that it effects me currently, but BRLC, Vic's former employer also known as Syntax Brillian Corp, officially went under the other day. RIP BRLC. So much for exercising those stock options...but in another sick ironic twist, so did our 65" BRLC television!! Everything shows up as pink so Mal's happy, but it's not ideal--especially for watching the Cubs. BRLC's demise, although not unexpected, definitely had no relation to the tremendous amount of blood, sweat, and tears that my beautiful wife put into that plagued company. It was good while it lasted but now we're probably going to have to pick up a new television and it's probably not going to be anything remaining under the BRLC umbrella, ie, Olevia. I think we'll end up supporting a nice California company that seems to be able to successfully do everything that BRLC could not, Vizio, with our next purchase.

Lastly, Nick is having a great summer. He's really enjoying his kids camp that he goes to 3 days a week and gets to play ball, swim, and run around with other dudes his age. Played catch with him yesterday night and the boy is going to be a player. He may already have a better arm than me. He's going to be one hell of an athlete if he keeps working at the sports that interest him. And I don't even need to mention his golf swing...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

La Jolla Weekend

Happy 4th of July weekend! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. To escape the heat of the A-Z, the kids and I decided to go west to the beaches of San Diego. Also, this gave Craig some time to finish his outlines for the bar exam. (He has a mock exam Wednesday, Thursday of this week). We left last Thursday morning around 10am and really didn't run into any problems or traffic until we got to the Border Patrol post inside Cali. There, we waited in a long line of cars for probably an hour? Unheard of.

We rolled into town around 3pm and headed directly for the water. Since Mission Beach was the closest and I knew I wanted to go to World Famous for their awesome lobster bisque, that's where we stayed until about 8pm. The lobster bisque never disappoints and is exactly what I needed after the 5 1/2 hour drive with the kids. :o) Totally worth it!!! By then it was time to get back on the 5N and trek to Del Mar to check into the hotel. There is something to be said for staying right off the freeway and a little north. The hotel was great, reasonably priced and we were only 10 mins. from our favorite cove beach in La Jolla.

We spent all July 4th at the beach and in the La Jolla area. TONS of people were 'camped' out on the event lawn there with grills and tents to avoid the sun. It would be so great to have a tent and grill of our own there, but we did have tons of blankets and a cooler. The fireworks show was amazing! We weren't expecting such an awesome show in a small beach town, but they were fabulous!

The weather was so nice there, we didn't want to leave. We ever went looking for beachfront property, you'll see a photo of the house we found in the gallery. With some work, it could be great and its right on the water, ocean views from every window!! It was a great trip, would have been better if Craig could come, but we will always remember the time we went to see fireworks on the beach! You can see our photos by clicking on the photo below. The photos show such a clear difference between the beaches we went to...

La Jolla Weekend

Haircut - After

Photo of new haircut. As mentioned previously, jury is still out...