Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ah, the Beach...

This weekend we took off with a group to Rocky Point, Mexico. We stayed in a huge 4bdr, 4bthrm condo that was owned by a couple that one of the girls knew, and they let us rent out for the weekend. It was an amazing place to stay with awesome views of the Sea. We had gorgeous weather, heat and humidity made bearable by a huge, crazy wind. It was awesome to be in the sand and surf! It's been awhile since we took the kids to the beach anywhere and they enjoyed themselves immensly. They are totally pooped today though (day after) and they slept in fairly late which is uncommon for these two early risers.

We had a very relaxing, yet fun time; playing in the waves, having some drinks by the pools, negotiating some good deals with the vendors and Craig even got stung by a jelly fish on the arm. We went with friends who clearly knew all the good places to eat now, which helps a lot since we've only been there a handful of times and places can be hit or miss. Anyway, good times and fun memories.

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